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The best lie-flat car seats for your newborn 2022

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So, why do you need a lie-flat car seat for your baby?

Newborns should lie completely flat when they are sleeping, even when travelling by car, to help with breathing and healthy spine development.

Lying flat prevents a baby's undeveloped neck from flopping forwards and restricting air flow, particularly when they fall asleep.

The majority of Group 0/0+ car seats (designed to be used from birth) have a slight recline, so experts recommend that children only spends two hours at a time in one.

Over the past few years a new breed of lie-flat car seat has emerged to combat this two-hour rule, meaning that your newborn can spend longer in their car seat with less risk to their health or development.

Some lie-flat car seats have been designed to fully recline whilst travelling, whilst others only have this function when used when out of the car, when attached to a pram or pushchair chassis for example.

So, choosing a lie-flat car seat is the best option for your newborn, allowing them to be in the correct position even if you are travelling long distances in the car.

Here are our favourite lie-flat car seat buys:

Why do newborns need to lie flat in a car seat?

Lying completely flat is the healthiest position for newborns to be in. It helps with healthy spine development and is the best position for their breathing, too.

This why a car seat that can lie flat is the best way for newborns to travel.

Many car seats have a slight recline, which makes them unsuitable for longer car journeys or for use as a baby seat outside of the car for extended periods of time.

How long can a baby be in a car seat for?

Experts recommend that newborns should not be in a car seat or infant carrier that does not recline fully flat for more than two hours at a time.

You can now buy many car seats that can lie completely flat, in and out of the car, so are much better for babies to travel in for long distances.

What is the best car seat for a newborn?

A lie-flat model is the best type of car seat for a newborn to travel in, meaning that your child can spend longer in their car seat with minimum risk to their health or development.

This type of car seat does tend to be more expensive, though.

But, what other features should you be looking for in a newborn car seat?


Isofix fittings are a must for safer journeys. This is when a car seat is connected directly to a car's chassis using build-in Isofix connectors for a more secure fit.

Rear facing

Babies must also travel rear facing from birth until they are fifteen months old – or longer if possible. All newborn car seats are made to rear face.

This is because babies and young children are much more safe if they travel rear facing and tests have shown that they'll sustain less head and neck injuries in an impact.

You can buy extended rear facing car seats that children up to four years old can travel in.

Many from birth car seats are also compatible with certain prams and pushchairs to make a travel system.

Travel system

A travel system means that a car seat can be clicked onto a pram or buggy's chassis, so you can move a baby from car and back again without waking them up.

Some lie-flat car seats are infant carriers, with a useful carrying handle and can also be used as a baby seat outside of the car. Others, such as the Matrix Light 2, by Spanish baby brand Jané, are designed like a carrycot and can even be used for occasional overnight sleeping.

Brands of lie-flat car seat include Cybex, Britax, Maxi Cosi, Jané and Joie. You can buy them from retailers websites such as Amazon, John Lewis, Argos and Samuel Johnston. Many of these retailers offer free delivery for added value.

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