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Last modified on Tuesday 23 January 2024

Need help getting around Netmums? Check out our frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that isn't answered, email us at and we'll do our best to help.

Netmums forum FAQs

1. How do I join Netmums?

Head to our registration page to create a Netmums account. It only takes a couple of minutes at most. We'll then send you an activation link and you'll be able to post in our forum.

2. I haven't received my activation email?

It may be in your spam folder, but if you can’t see it there, email us at and we’ll send you another.

3. I've forgotten my password/I can't log in?

If you've forgotten your password, you can request to reset it here. Don’t worry if you can’t remember your username; you can always log in with the email address you registered with.

4. How do I post in the forum?

Once you’re logged in, take a look at our chat homepage, where you’ll be able to see a full list of all of our chat topics.  

Select a topic you’d like to post your thread in, and tap the ‘New thread’ button.

Remember to give your thread a title that accurately summarises what it is you’re asking or saying – it’s the best way to attract replies from other Netmums.

5. How can I change my username?

Email us at and we’ll sort out a new username for you.

6. I want to delete my account

We’d be sad to see you go, but if you definitely want to leave Netmums, please email us at, or request an account deletion.

Please note that once an account is deleted, your posts will remain on the forum, but anonymised. Sadly, deleted accounts are irretrievable.

7. Are there any rules for posting?

We’re so glad you asked! Yes, there are – please take a look at our forum rules.

8. How do I report a post?

If you see anything that needs the attention of one of the Netmums Moderation Team – whether it be a thread on the wrong board, or a post that may be in breach of our rules – you can report it to us by doing the following:

If you’re looking at Netmums on your mobile web browser, tap the ‘Actions’ button, and then ‘Report’. 

Select the reason for your report and add a message for the Netmums Moderation Team so that they can quickly and easily sort the issue. 

On the desktop site, you’ll see a grey hazard sign in the top right corner of every post. Click this sign, select your reason for reporting and type a message to the Netmums Moderation Team – again so they can easily resolve the problem. 

9. I think someone on the forum needs emergency help

If you’re worried about another user’s safety, please report their post to us, bearing in mind that our boards aren’t moderated at all times and it may take time to get to every reported post.

We care a great deal about our users, and will do everything within our power to ensure our members receive the help and support they need. If a serious matter is reported to us we may be legally obliged or permitted by law to disclose it, for example to safeguard the welfare of our members and their families.

However, please remember our forum isn't an emergency service or professional advice website, and we must kindly remind users to always seek offline help in real life.

10. I need to delete my post/thread

We’re afraid users can’t delete their own posts, but if you get in touch with us either via a report or email to, we can look into taking them down for you.

Please note that, as a rule, we don’t delete all of a user’s posts, except in exceptional circumstances.

If you’re worried about being identified from your posts we can change your name – take a look at question six for more info on that.

11. What are cookies and how does Netmums use them?

Check out our full cookie policy here.

12. I’d like to know more about your terms and conditions (Ts & Cs)

Please find a link to our Terms and Conditions here. You can always email us at if you'd like to know more.

13. I have a new email address/wish to change my details

To make changes to any details you entered at registration, head to My settings.

Once you’re in your settings, you can change your email address and password.

14. I’d like to change my Netmums email subscriptions

Click the small person icon at the top left of any page.

Scroll down to the email newsletter section and as long as you’re logged in, you’ll be able to select which Netmums emails you’d like to receive.

15. How do I send a private message (PM) to another forum user?

We have a secure messaging system that allows you to PM other users.

When you’re on a thread, you’ll see an envelope icon. Click this icon to send a private message to the poster of that message. 

Netmums Local FAQs

Netmums Local is the place to find what’s on for families near you – wherever you are in the UK.

Searching Local

1. How do I use Netmums Local?

From the main navigation bar the top of any page on Netmums, click Local to be taken to the Netmums Local section.

Here, pop in the postcode, or name of the city or town where you want to find events or services. This will bring up a long list of everything going on in that area.

Click the green ‘filter’ button to filter the results, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Filter button

2. How can I add a review to a listing?

You’ll need to be a Netmums member (to register click here), and logged in. Once you’re on the relevant listing page, scroll down and click the pink ‘add a review or rating button’.

Review or rate

Please note that you are legally responsible for what you post on Netmums, and we do not pre-moderate any reviews or comments.

We reserve the right to remove any comments that are defamatory or contravene our Terms and Conditions

4. I've noticed some out-of-date/inaccurate information on a listing

If you're not the listing owner, please click the Report button and supply us with the correct details, and we can arrange for the listing to be updated.

Report button

Creating and managing a listing on Netmums Local

1. How can I add a listing to Netmums Local?

From the Local homepage – using either a postcode or place name, find the area relevant to the listing you want to add. Once you’re on the main page for that area, you’ll see a pink ‘Add a listing button’.

Add listing button

Click this, and follow the on-screen prompts to create your listing.

Alternatively, you can scroll down the Local homepage to find the categories listed under ‘Even more great stuff near you’. Click on the relevant category to add your listing.  

As another alternative, head to your profile and click ‘Manage my local listings and events’ – you’ll see the option to add a listing there.

2. Can I add details of a place I've visited, or a business I've used, as a Local listing?

Of course! If the details aren't already on Netmums, you're welcome to add them. Simply add a listing as per the above instructions.

3. How can I see and manage my listings?

All your listings can be found in the Manage My Local Listings section on your Profile page.

Manage my listings button

Please note: only listings that you've claimed under your registered email address will show in the Manage My Listings section of your Profile page.

4. How do I delete one of my listings?

If you need to completely remove a listing, please go to your Profile and select My Listings.

My listings

Find the relevant listing and click Request to Delete, then add a brief explanation of why you wish to remove the details. Alternatively, you can click the Report it button on the listing itself.

Report listing

5. How do I claim a listing as my own?

Go to the listing you wish to manage – ensuring you're logged in, first – and click Own This Listing and follow the instructions provided.

If you can't see this option, please click Report It on the listing itself and explain that you wish to claim and have editing rights to this listing. 

6. Managing reviews

If you've claimed your listing, you'll receive an email alert when someone leaves a review of your listing. We do operate a right to reply facility – simply select the option to reply to the review when you’re logged in.

If you feel the review is unjustified in any way, please click the 'Report this listing' button. Netmums does not pre-moderate any reviews posted on Netmums Local.

7. Is there a way to make my listings more visible?

You can get more eyes on your Local listing by upgrading it to a Gold Listing.

A Gold Listing raises your free listing or event to the top of the page, giving your business a more prominent position on your free local listings page. It costs £18 + VAT for each location and each category chosen, per month.

To upgrade your listing, please go to your Profile and select My Listings and Events. This will bring you to a page showing all your local listings. Select the one you want to give a boost and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see the option to promote your listing to either a Gold listing.

For more information about how these ads work, see our full guide to Local advertising.

8. Is my listing shared anywhere else?

Please be aware that when you upload your listing you are making your information public. Netmums may share material, such as the content of listing and comments with other organisations such as, but not limited to, the NHS, who may also publish the material in your listing,  as detailed in our Terms and Conditions. This gives your local business great free additional exposure. At the time of upload, you can choose not to include personal details such as your phone number and addresses. You can opt at any time by removing your listing by emailing

Help – I've read all of this and I still have a question!

Never fear – email us at with your issue, and we'll do everything we can to help.

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