Fry's Stars and Moons: The 'magical' meat-free meal for your kids

Last modified on Wednesday 25 January 2023

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Fry's Stars and Moons

Want to reduce the amount of meat your child eats but worried they’ll turn their noses up at plant-based alternatives to their teatime favourites? Try these!

You’ll love Fry’s Stars and Moons, which are 100% vegan and a brilliant swap for your kid’s usual nuggets.

The breaded stars and moon shapes are made with a mixture of vegetable protein and are a source of protein and fibre. Easy to cook, you can have them from the freezer to your child’s dinner plate in just 10 minutes.

No surprise then that in a poll of 50 Netmums members, 98% said they would recommend Fry's Stars and Moons to friends and family.

Not only are they tasty, there's a cute story of Charlie the Chicken on the side of the packet. Cut out the bright rocket for your little one to play with.

Pick up a box of Stars and Moons (RRP £2.65 for 300g) at your nearest Sainsbury's.

Here’s what Netmums testers said about Fry’s Stars and Moons

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Fry's Stars and Moons are Netmums Recommended!

1. They’re perfect for meat-free days

Introducing plant-based alternatives to your kids couldn’t be easier thanks to Fry’s Stars and Moons. They’re 100% plant-based, which was a major plus for our testers. 

‘A perfect alternative with no compromise on texture or flavour.’

‘I immediately knew it would be something my daughter would enjoy, there isn't many children specific vegan products so this was great.’

‘I love that they enjoyed a meat-free meal which is so important to us as we are trying to minimise our meat intake.’

‘It's great to get children and adults alike to have a great varied diet and try new things. We will definitely be looking for more in the range now. To me it's all about balance and having that conversation about different foods, ranges and what's good for us.’

‘We thought they were really tasty, and I loved that they were quick to prepare. They would be great for when we’re having a meat-free day.’

2. The stars and moon shapes are a hit

Parents and kids loved the cute astronomy-themed shapes which made meal times way more fun.

‘Looked magical for the children.’

‘They were perfect, well browned, crispy and looked incredible on the plate.’ 

‘My daughter loved the shapes and would like to make a 'picture' on the plate.’

‘I think the appearance was really good and easy for my daughter to eat.’

‘Love the shape, it makes them more exciting than your standard breaded nugget.’

‘The shapes of moon and stars are a little different from other brand options and a nice gender neutral theme. Being meat-free is good for health too.’

‘My child was very excited about the shapes of the moons and stars and found them appealing.’

3. They ACE the taste test

Fry’s Stars and Moons don’t just look great, they taste yummy too, say our testers.

‘They were quick and easy to prepare and taste delicious.’

‘Once I cooked them even I found they looked delicious and crispy. I don’t like fatty foods but there was no oil to these or grease. I thought they were perfectly done.’ 

 ‘Really good size product and the crumb coating was crispy without being too ‘hard’ unlike some other breaded products. Good amount of filling inside also.’ 

‘My impression was excellent and very positive once it was cooked. Absolutely loved it.’ 

‘They look amazing - they are sturdy enough for finger food which is great for my picky eater.’ 

4. They’re parent-recommended

When it comes to finding new teatime options, why not listen to the people in the know … other parents. In our product trial, 98% said they’d recommend Fry’s Stars and Moons to their family and friends. 

‘I would definitely recommend them as easy to cook and a great meat alternative.’

‘My children are fussy eaters and they loved them and requested them again I have already shared on my social media how great they were! Love them!!’ 

‘I would definitely recommend Fry's Stars and Moons to family and friends’ 

‘My sister is vegan so I would definitely recommend to her family and my friends. Even those that don't eat vegan food.’ 

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