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Last modified on Tuesday 23 January 2024

Netmums Privacy Notice

Your privacy is very important to us, we are committed to keeping your personal data safe and secure, and handling it in accordance with our legal obligations. Our Privacy Notice sets out in detail the purposes for which we process your personal data, who we share it with and the rights you have in relation to that data. 

Any personal information you provide to Netmums that has not been made public will only be used within Netmums. It will never be supplied to anyone outside Netmums without first obtaining your consent, unless we are obliged or permitted by law to disclose it, or to, for example, to safeguard the welfare of our members and their families. 


This notice applies to your use of all Netmums platforms including, Netmums App and all associated platforms and social media, as provided by Netmums Limited (hereafter known as Netmums).

It is important that you understand how and why we use the personal data that we collect from you. We process personal data for different reasons and below we list which types of personal data we need for each purpose.

Registration & Profile 

What do we collect when you register and create your profile? 

In order to use some of the features on Netmums you are asked to register. The personal information collected at registration due to your contract with us, is: 

  • your first name and surname;  
  • your email address;  
  • password you set up to access your account;  
  • your chosen location; and 
  • your newsletter preferences. 

How do we use your Registration & Profile Information? 

We use the personal data you gave to us when you initially set up, and subsequently edited, to manage your account for: your log in information, to create a username and for your newsletter preferences. 

How do we use your Newsletter preferences?  

If you have opted in to receive a newsletter, we will use your account data including your name and email address to contact you with the newsletters you have signed up for.  We also collect data on your pregnancy due date and your baby's date of birth, if you have subscribed to either the Pregnancy Weekly email or the Baby Monthly email. 

If you have signed up to our Partner emails you will receive emails from our trusted 3rd Party business partners. These may be co-branded emails and contain advertisements, competitions and other sponsored content. They may also contain links to 3rd Party sites that are not in Netmums control.

As we use your consent to send these letters to you can opt out of newsletters at any time on your Profile settings page or by clicking the unsubscribe link on the email. Please note it may take up to 48 hours to action this change.  

If you have any difficulties subscribing to or unsubscribing from our newsletters, please contact us at

Competitions, Product Testing and Surveys 

We collect personal data about you when you sign up for competitions, product testing and surveys:   

  • We collect information about you when you participate in competitions. This data is only used for the purposes of the relevant competition and will be subject to the terms and conditions of that competition, which will be notified to you when you enter. Please see our Competition Small Print for more details. 
  • We collect information about you when you participate in a product trial. This data is only used for the purposes of the relevant trial and will be subject to the terms and conditions of that product trial, which will be notified to you when you enter.  
  • You may choose to sign up for and respond to surveys and polls. If you do this we will collect information about you, including your name, contact details and any survey responses.  We will only forward these on to a 3rd Party, if you give us consent to do so. 

As we use your consent, you can opt out at any time as detailed on the original post, as detailed in the product trial or survey details, or by emailing the helpdesk on  


We use competition data for the purposes of allowing you to participate in competitions and to carry out any activities required in relation to those competitions, for example contacting you to let you know you have won a prize and using your address to send the prize to you.  Your information will only be passed on to a 3rd party, such as the company sponsoring the competitions, if you have opted in to do so.  

As we use your consent to enter you into competitions you can opt out of the competition at any time, by removing your entry in the social media platform or by emailing the helpdesk on if your application was made via the website.  


When you post in the Forum you are making your information public. Where you make data public such as in our Forum or on Social Media, we may collect this information and use it for our posts, articles or social media. Please see the ICO guidelines relating to Information in the Public Domain.

Research Polls, Research Panels and Focus Groups

We may use online research polls, research panels and focus groups to conduct market research. This may involve collecting personal data for the purposes of carrying out this research with your consent. This collection of data, which may include personal data, may be subject to separate privacy policies. If we intend to inform partners of personal data we will obtain specific consent from you prior.  

We use the data from these polls or panels to:  

  • Review our performance, improve products, services and advertising; and,
  • Inform our partners of the results of the research panels or polls, these may include advertising partners.   

Survey Data  

We use survey data for the purposes of analysing insights and information to enable us, or our partners, to improve services and products. Occasionally surveys are created for education-based research, this will be detailed to you when you sign up for the survey and give your consent.  Your information will only be passed on to a 3rd party, such a partner or educator, if you have opted in to do so. 

Local Listings  

If you have created a listing for you or your business, and opted in to receive updates and offers, we may use your account data to contact you regarding these updates and offers if it is in your legitimate interest.

We will display your contact details on a listing, where you have provided these to be uploaded to your listing.  You can edit your details at any time and delete your listing by emailing or by following a link on your listing or via the Profile page.  You must be logged in to Netmums to do this. 

Netmums may share material, such as the content of listing and comments with other organisations such as, but not limited to, the NHS who may also publish the material in your listing as detailed in our Terms and Conditions. At the time of upload, you can choose not to include personal details such as your phone number and your address. You can opt at any time by removing your listing. Please see the ICO guidelines relating to Information in the Public Domain.

Help Desk 

Should you contact our Help Desk for site support, we use your personal data to enable us to respond to queries, complaints or comments that you have and to ensure that these are appropriately dealt with. If you have provided any special categories of personal data, such as information about your race, ethnic origin, politics, health, religion or sex life, you must make sure that you are happy for us to use that data for the purposes as set out in this Privacy Notice.  We use a consent basis to collect this information. We may retain this information as necessary to resolve disputes, provide customer support and troubleshoot problems, as permitted by law. 

You can end your communication with the Help Desk at any time by letting them know your request is closed, by emailing them on  

Parent Supporter Service  

If you use our Parent Supporter Service in the Forum, we will collect details of posts and private messages exchanged with parent supporters for the protection of individuals. Your information never be supplied to anyone outside Netmums without first obtaining your consent, unless we are obliged or permitted by law to disclose it, or to, for example, to safeguard the welfare of our members and their families.

We may use the information you post and the responses to compile aggregate statistics (e.g. number of registered members, number of individuals addressing specific issues, etc.), to assist us in research and development and sometimes to supply to our partners. In these cases, all information will be completely anonymous. 


We collect information about how you use Netmums using Cookies. This includes your viewing history, IP addresses and device identifiers.  You can find out more information on our use of Cookies here.  

Netmums uses your consent to set cookies and has created a Consent Management Platform that allows you to manage and withdraw your consent at any time. Please see our Cookie Policy on how to change your Cookie settings. 

Some adverts or links on our pages link to third party sources such as advertisers or affiliate websites, whether placed by Netmums or a user in the Forum. Netmums does not collect any data from Affiliate links. Netmums also uses 3rd Party Ad Servers to serve advertisements.  Ad Servers use Cookies to help target relevant ads to users. Some of these third parties use their own Cookies to track how many people have seen a particular ad, or to track how many people have seen it. Netmums is not responsible for the Cookie policies or practices of these companies.

We track site usage through 3rd Party Analytic sites, for example the number of people visiting Netmums and the different sections of Netmums. This data is anonymous and we cannot use this to uniquely identify individuals and their usage of the site.  

How do we use your location data?

When you use Netmums, your location data may be collected and processed. To this effect we use different technologies to determine your location, including your IP address, GPS signals, and other sensors that allow us to identify devices.

Netmums contains links to other 3rd party websites. This Privacy Notice only applies to the Netmums website and we are not responsible for the practices of 3rd Parties, so if you click on a link to another website, you should read their privacy policy.


Where we process your Sensitive Personal Data for surveys, focus groups, research panels, competitions, newsletters or courses, we will ask for your explicit consent to do so when you give us this data. For example when you enter a survey, competition, newsletter or course you will be asked to tick an explicit consent box for this reason. You can withdraw this consent at any time by unsubscribing from the course or newsletter or by emailing

We will never pass on your Sensitive Personal Data without your consent unless we are obliged or permitted by law to disclose it, or to, for example, to safeguard the welfare of our members and their families. 


Improving our services 
We use your personal data and analytical data to help us monitor, analyse and improve our service.  We use this data to help us understand which content and services are most interesting and enjoyable for our users. This helps us to make sure that we are providing you with the best possible service.

This will provide you with a more customised and tailored experience including advertising across our platforms. This makes sure that you see advertisements (including personalised advertisements) that are relevant to you. If you opt out of 3rd Party cookies, you may still see advertising, but they will not be specifically tailored to you. For more information on the ways in which we do this, please our Cookie Policy

Anonymised data 

We use anonymised and aggregated data for certain purposes; such as to help us understand what type of content users enjoy and to share with advertisers, so that they know how effective their advertising is. When data is used in this way, you or any other individual would not be identified in any way.  


We periodically review the data that we keep in our systems and delete or anonymise your data held in our archives, when we consider it is no longer relevant.  Occasionally personal data is kept for longer than our standard retention policy, if it is required for legal or safeguarding interests or in order to respond to any complaints or claims that you make. If this is the case, we will only keep the data for as long as we need in order to fulfil those purposes. 

Your Account 

We will keep all your personal data for as long as your Netmums account remains active. If you have not logged in for 3 years, we will delete your account and any personal data we hold, unless there is a legitimate reason to keep your account active. You may submit a request to the Help Desk at to delete your account. 


Your subscription will remain active until you unsubscribe.  However, if you have not engaged with our emails for 3 years, we will email you to ask if you want to be removed and if we do not hear from you, we will remove your subscription.  

Competitions, Research Polls, Focus Groups, Surveys and Product Trials 

For the period of the competition, research poll, focus group or product trial. Should you have consented for us to pass your information to a 3rd Party they will have their own retention policy, as your relationship with them is separate to our relationship with you.

Cookies & 3rd Party Cookies  

Essential cookies and un-essential cookies remain on your computer for a period of 13 months.  Session cookies only remain on your computer for the duration of that particular session.  You can turn these cookies off at any time through your web browser please our Cookie Policy for more information. Please note if you turn off essential cookies you may not be able to access certain parts of our site. 

Forum (Coffeehouse) posts 

Anything you post in the Forum will be kept there indefinitely. If your account has been deleted or you make a request for your posts to be deleted, your posts will be anonymised.   

We store private messages that you may choose to send to other users or our moderating team. These are stored until your account is deleted and you can delete these via your settings.   

Local listings and What's on events 

We keep local listings on the site until they have expired or are no longer valid.  If you have added a listing, you can edit or delete it at any time. 

Comments or reviews

We keep reviews on local listings, product reviews and recipes for as long as the page is live on the site.  If your account is deleted, we will keep the comment or review on the site, but anonymise your details. 


Please be aware that when you post in our Forum or upload information to our site or Social Media you are making your information public. Please see the ICO guidelines relating to Information in the Public Domain.

The following may have access to your personal data:

Netmums and its group companies including the other entities of the Aufeminin and Reworld Media Group.  Within Netmums, Aufeminin and Reworld Group, only some of the group companies have access to your Personal Data, solely as required, and under a strict obligation of confidentiality through secure systems.

Sub-contractors and systems we use for technical services, analytical solutions etc such as:


We use the following data analysis companies to understand our users:

Email service provider

The Forum (The Coffeehouse)


  • Netmums Helpdesk is hosted by Helpspot.

Log in - Social Platforms


  • If you sign up for a survey with Netmums we use Survey Monkey to gather your information.

Technical Services

  • Anything - Technical service contracted agency.

Website Data

We use cloud based and physical servers to store your data on our website, these include: UKFast and Amazon Web Services

If you have cookies enabled and have consented, data technology companies such as Adobe, Oracle and Google also store your cookies and browsing habits along with partners, such as advertisers, data brokers and any other recipients who have a contract with Netmums and the Aufeminin Group. Our Partners include:

For information on how we collect and store cookies and how you can manage them, please see our full Cookie Policy.

When you browse our website, we may share some of your information such as your email, IP address, or information about your browser or operating system in hashed or pseudonymous form, with our partner LiveRamp. Acting as Joint Controller LiveRamp uses this information to create an online identification code for the purpose of recognising you on your device. This code does not contain any of your identifiable personal data and cannot be used to identify you. We place this code in our cookie and allow it to be used for online and cross-channel advertising. It may be shared with our advertising partners and other third-party advertising companies globally for the purpose of enabling interest-based content or targeted advertising throughout your online experience (e.g. web, email, connected devices, and in-app, etc). These third parties may in turn use this code to link demographic or interest-based information you have provided in your interactions with them. Detailed information on LiveRamp’s data processing activities is available in LiveRamp’s Privacy Policy.  You have the right to withdraw your consent or opt-out to the processing of your personal data at any time using our Cookie Management Platform via our 'Cookie Settings’ tab in our footer on every page.

Third parties, in some cases regarding legal matters in particular by legal and/or administrative authorities and as may be required by law.


Netmums Discount Codes which can be found at is operated by a 3rd Party; MP Media Ventures GmbH trading as CopaCoupona.  MP Media Ventures GmbH is the Data Controller for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation, other data protection regulations.

MP Media Ventures GmbH uses your consent to set cookies though the Netmums Consent Management Platform which allows you to manage and withdraw your consent at any time. You can see our Cookie Policy on how to change your Cookie settings.

By agreeing to these cookies you agree to MP Media Ventures GmbH Privacy Policy, which can be found - here.

Where you sign up for any newsletters via the Netmums Discount Code pages you are signing up to a 3rd Party newsletter operated by CopaCoupona and agreeing to their Privacy Notice.

Netmums Discount Codes contains links to other 3rd party websites. This Privacy Notice only applies to the Netmums website and we are not responsible for the practices of 3rd Parties, so if you click on a link to another website, you should read their privacy policy.

Netmums does not collect any personal data from Netmums Discount Codes and is not responsible for the Cookie policies or practices of any 3rd Parties.

You can contact MP Media Ventures GmbH as follows:

MP Media Ventures GmbH
Am Karlsbad 16
10785 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0) 30-62931710

The Netmums Discounts pages contain affiliate links, which means Netmums may earn a small amount of money if you click through and make a purchase.


Other than through our trusted partners we do not transfer or store your personal data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) without your consent. If we do carry out any further transfers of your data outside the EEA, we will inform you and we will ensure that the recipient provides an adequate level of protection of your personal data. 


You have the right of access, rectification, to be forgotten, portability, to withdraw and the right to object to us processing your personal data for the purposes set out above at any time. Unless we can show that we have a legitimate reason to continue processing your personal data, we will stop processing it.   

You can delete your account at any time and/or choose to anonymise your posts by contacting us at, and you can unsubscribe to newsletters and surveys on your Profile or by unsubscribing using the link at the bottom of every email. 


The UK Data Protection Team for Netmums can be contacted by emailing  

Our Registered Office is:
The Hour House
32 High Street


We comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, UK GDPR and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 27th of April 2016, General Data Protection Regulation referred to as “GDPR” and Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002/58/EC.


You have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Officer (ICO), which regulates data protection compliance in the UK, if you are unhappy with how we have processed your personal data. You can do this by visiting the ICO's site.  

We may make changes to this Privacy Notice from time to time. Any changes we make will be posted on this page.

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