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Last modified on Thursday 26 October 2023

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The Netmums Fairy Dream Team review: Clean clothes (even on a cold wash), ‘amazing’ scent and super soft against skin … our Netmums testing panel LOVES Fairy’s all-new laundry Dream Team!

We asked 100 families, whose kids have sensitive skin, to test and review Fairy’s Dream Team of Fairy Non Bio Washing Gel, Fairy Outdoorable Fabric Softener and Fairy In-Wash Scent Boosters. And we were inundated with amazing reviews.

From the cleaning power of the gel through to the VERY popular freshness of the softener and scent boosters, it’s no wonder all 3 products have been awarded the Netmums Recommended badge!

In fact, in our product trial 99% said they'd recommend Fairy Dream Team to family and friends.

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Fairy Non Bio Dream Team is Netmums Recommended!

Which Fairy Non Bio products were tested?

We asked our panel to try the following 3 Fairy Non Bio products on their family’s laundry:

  • Fairy Non Bio Gel – has a genius hypoallergenic formula that cleans clothes even in a cold wash and is suitable for sensitive skin. (The whole Fairy Non Bio range has been voted #1 for sensitive skin.*)
  • Fairy Outdoorable Fabric Softener – leaves laundry smelling as fresh as if it’s been dried outside, even when it’s dried inside. Plus, it makes clothes, towels and bedding huggably soft.
  • Fairy In-Wash Scent Boosters – gives laundry a mild scent that lasts … and lasts! It’s suitable for sensitive skin, and has been tested and endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.

Read on to discover exactly what our Netmums panel thought of each product.

And for more real-parent recommendations and expert washing advice, head to our Fairy Non Bio Laundry Room hub.

*Online panel of 7,413 adults among which Fairy Non Bio laundry products were voted most often as the #1 laundry brand for sensitive skin

Fairy's Dream Team

1. Fairy Non Bio Gel: ‘It still cleans thoroughly on a cold wash’

Lots of our testers have switched to a cold wash to save money on energy bills. (Here's exactly how much money you can save on a cold wash).

They were delighted to find Fairy Non Bio Gel shifts stains and cleans clothes, even at 30 degrees.

Our panel was also impressed by how little of the gel they needed to get their family’s laundry sparkling and clean.

'A little goes a long way'

'I love the scent, and the fact that it didn't seem to irritate either my or my toddler's sensitive skin.'

'Was very effective, even when using on a low temperature. Clothes looked clean and smelt great.'

'It is very good at cleaning and does work well on stains. I notice the difference in cleanliness / freshness when I switch to other brands.'

'This Fairy detergent works really well in cold wash, stains were completely washed away.'

'My 3-year-old is a very messy eater and has a mixture of jam, peanut butter and all sorts of dried-up food covered his clothes. I used Fairy Non Bio Gel on a cold wash and it gave miraculous results.'

'Fairy Gel is the best out there, as it doesn't get stuck to the clothes like others, and you don't need to use more than the recommended amount for it to clean well.'

2. Fairy Outdoorable Fabric Softener: ‘The smell is amazing!’

When you’re drying laundry inside, and don’t want to use your tumble dryer, you can sometimes be left with damp-smelling clothes. Not anymore thanks to Fairy Outdoorable Fabric Softener, which uses clever technology to eliminate any musty smells.

Our testers couldn’t get enough of the scent or how huggably soft it left their laundry.

'Using the products in winter reminds me of that fresh smell you get when you air your clothes outside in the summer months'

'Our clothes and towels came out so soft! I LOVED using them after.'

'My favourite thing about the fabric softener is that it's suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. It is also great at keeping clothes soft.'

'A lovely outdoors smell like on a summers day.'

'The fabric softener was excellent, my favourite thing about it was how soft it made the clothes feel on our skin. It was lovely and the scent was so nice, fresh and vibrant, it really gave a warm feeling of happiness.'

'The scent is pure, mild, fresh and family friendly.'

3. Fairy In-Wash Scent Boosters: ‘These are on another level’

Our testers were really impressed with the ‘fresh’ scent and lasting-power of Fairy In-Wash Scent Boosters. Clothes stay fresh for weeks in storage (ideal if you're storing baby clothes) and, according to our panel, leave your house smelling AMAZING!

'Not only does it leave clothes fresh as new but also keeps the house smelling lovely for a long time'

'My favourite thing about the scent boosters was how long the smell stayed in the clothes after washing.'

'The scent of the washing beads leave an added freshness to the clothes once washed and dried.'

'It lasts a very, very long time, much longer than other brands we have tried.'

'I've never used anything like this before and it makes a massive difference to damp smelling clothes.'

'They smelt fabulous, it was so quick and easy to pop them in the washer.'

4. Fairy Dream Team verdict: ‘I don't think I could turn back now after using the products’

The verdict is in … and it’s a definite thumbs up for Fairy Dream Team! Here’s why our testers are making the switch, and why they think YOU should too.

‘I'm in love with the scent, softness, and ability to clean’

'We will definitely be switching to the Fairy Dream Team! The overall performance of the product and how it made us feel when wearing the washed clothes was more than enough to get us to switch.'

'Without a doubt I would switch to Fairy Dream Team, because not only does Fairy tackle the toughest stains on clothes at low temperatures, it also leaves washing extremely soft.'

'A great combination of products that have left my house smelling super lovely for the past 2 days!'

'I would recommend these products to family and friends, particularly to those with little children as it keeps clothes smelling fresher for longer and helps get out stains.'

Head to our Laundry Room hub to discover money-saving hacks and expert tips for tackling your family's washing pile.

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