4 reasons parents LOVE Aldi Mamia Organic Mini Rice Cakes

Last modified on Wednesday 25 January 2023

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Aldi Mamia Organic Apple Mini Rice Cakes and Aldi Mamia Organic Raspberry and Blueberry Mini Rice Cakes

… and why your little one will love them, too!

Super yummy and easy to eat, rice cakes are a super popular snack for babies and toddlers.

And if you want a pack that's also friendly for your bank balance – with no compromise on quality – then Aldi has the answer.

At just 79p a pack, Aldi Mamia Organic Apple Mini Rice Cakes and Organic Raspberry & Blueberry Mini Rice Cakes are great value, and a hit with parents.


In a poll of 99 Netmums members, 92% said they'd recommend Mamia mini rice cakes to other mums and dads.

The puffed organic mini rice cakes contain vitamin B1 and are vegan-friendly. 

Suitable for babies aged 7 months and above, the 40g packs are only available from Aldi.

Here’s what our Netmums testers thought of them …

1. They’re a great snack for little ones

… and their older siblings.

The rice cakes are for kids aged 7 months and above – and our testers found they were a hit with much older kids, too.

One tester said she had to hide the rice cakes from the rest of her family to stop them all being eaten!

‘My baby really enjoyed the mini rice cakes and my 3-year-old loved them too – so it worked perfectly as a snack for them both’

‘We’re always looking for easy things that we can have on hand for when hunger strikes, and these are the perfect match!’

‘My little boy loved them and they are great to keep as something in the changing bag for snacks on the go.’

‘My baby could not get enough of them she would stand in the kitchen pointing to the cupboard wanting more, especially the apple flavour. Perfect size to have a couple for a snack!’

‘Both my 14-month-old and 3-year-old loved the rice cakes, and I even had to hide them from their older siblings.’

‘They are the right size for small hands and very soft for little teeth to chew. Great to pack into your bag for a quick snack on the go.’

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The rice cakes are Netmums-recommended

2. The flavours were a hit

The rice cakes come in two delicious, tot-friendly flavours. Both were loved by our mini testers (and the adults, too!).

‘They are great on the go and have delicious flavours’

‘After finishing the Apple pack, he ran up to me with the packet of raspberry and blueberry rice cakes in his hands and said, “Open please, mummy” so they definitely pass the toddler taste test!’

‘They are subtly sweet, without being overly sugary. They are also nice and crunchy, without being too hard, which is fab for little one's first teeth.’

‘Ivy loves the taste and the texture of these and would eat them all if we let her. We will definitely be buying them in the future.’

‘The rice cakes were a good size for them to pick up and hold in their little hands, and the texture and flavour appeared to be on point for them.’

3. Parents love the price

We all love a bargain. Which is why Aldi Mamia's rice cakes, at just 75p a pack, are such a crowd-pleaser.

Our testers also loved how big the bag was – a total bargain!

‘Aldi have done it again, a perfect handy affordable snack’

‘We absolutely loved the Aldi rice cakes great flavour, great texture, amazing price.’ 

‘The Aldi products are much better value than the other branded baby snacks. With the other brands I tend to buy them when they are on offer. Price is a key factor especially as everything is getting more expensive.’

‘At 75p a bag they are an absolute bargain. The bags are such a good size they will keep you going for a little while. They still stayed fresh and crispy even after being open for a few days.’

‘I would definitely recommend the Aldi Mamia organic mini rice cakes to others. My daughter loves the taste and they are very good value for money.’ 

4. They’re Netmums-recommended!

Our testers were so impressed with the rice cakes, XX% said they'd recommend to other parents.

‘Aldi Mamia Organic Rice Cakes are perfect as a snack at home or on the go and I would definitely recommend them to other parents’

‘The Mamia rice cakes are a firm favourite in our house, both the apple and the raspberry ones are very popular and also great because they’re low in salt and sugar and full of the good stuff!’ 

‘I would definitely buy these and recommend them to other parents. They are just as good as other brands, and cheaper!’

'The pack size is great, and the rice cakes themselves are a good size for small hands. The flavours are appealing for my younger and older sons! My oldest says there is nothing he would change!'

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