4 reasons Explore Learning is a hit with kids (and parents!)

Last modified on Wednesday 25 January 2023

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Lockdown and school closures means your child has missed out on lots of valuable school time this year. Yet there is a way to boost their learning, and their confidence … all from the comfort of your own home.

Explore Learning provides award-winning maths and English tuition that is tailored to your child's individual needs and delivered wherever you are, all through Explore at Home.

Netmums Recommended

91% of parents would recommend Explore at Home

The online lessons and tutored sessions have proved VERY popular with our Netmums testers: 91 percent said they’d recommend Explore at Home to their family and friends.

Suitable for kids aged four to 14, their expert tuition is ideal if you want to stretch your child’s learning or catch up on their lost schooling due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Not only do Explore offer tailored online learning, their expert tutors will hold weekly one-to-one sessions with your child each week, ensuring that progress is made towards their individualised goals.

Feedback is provided at the end of each session to parents, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

About the test

We asked our Netmums panel of 90 families to try Explore at Home for a whole month. This included:

  • An introductory phone call to discuss each child's educational needs and goals;
  • Three one-to-one sessions held over three weeks;
  • Unlimited access to their own individualised learning course at home, downloadable activities and parent information;
  • Access to live lessons and additional content courses such as 11 Plus/ Entrance exams and creative writing;
  • A parents meeting on the fourth week to discuss their child's progress during their time with us.

Find out more about Explore at Home and how it works here.

What our Netmums said ...

1. The one-to-one sessions are a hit

The Explore at Home tutors are all experts and know the school curriculum inside out. Oh, and the kids love them!

‘Fantastic 1:1 for your child that is tailored to their level. Tutors are engaging and understand what makes kids tick.’

‘The face-to-face sessions and friendly tutors were valuable in making it a fun and educational experience that my daughter looked forward to each week.’ 

‘The 1-to-1 tutor sessions were great as I could work while my son was engaged with his tutor.’

‘The most beneficial aspect of the membership was definitely the one-to-one tutoring sessions … it helped support and consolidate her learning.’ 

‘The tailored one-to-one sessions and being able to join a group session was a great plus.’ 

‘My son really enjoyed the 1:1 session. He really enjoyed talking to his tutor and the fact she challenged him. He gets bored easily but he really liked these lessons.’

2. Parents love the updates from the tutors

Explore at Home keeps you in the loop about how your child is getting on … and this is popular with mums and dads!

‘I found the calls and teacher updates at the end of the sessions incredibly helpful.’

‘I liked that the tutor wanted to check in with us at the end of every session to let us know how our son had done.’

‘The people who call and email are lovely. Very helpful and even tell you how your child has done after each session.’

‘One to one, tailored, friendly and fun support for your child wherever they are on their academic journey.’

‘All the tutors my daughter came into contact with were really lovely and engaged well with her. It was so nice to see.’

‘We thought the tutor was amazing, and was really engaged with our son, and making sure that he was having fun as well as learning.’

3. The online resources are brilliant!

From problem solving to comprehension, Explore at Home has got your child covered.

‘My daughter was fully engaged with all of the materials provided by Explore at Home.’

'The live and recorded lessons are a great option to have.'

'The learning pages [are useful] as my girl could go on anytime and do some work suited to what she wanted to learn about.'

‘My daughter loved the creative writing classes. She looked forward to these every week. The online one on one tutoring was also very helpful in supporting her with both her maths and English.’

‘My son was very focused and engaged with the material. He also worked well with his tutor who was patient and friendly - he learned a lot.’

‘My son really enjoyed his sessions with the tutor. He gained a lot from these one to ones. He also did the Creative Writing classes which were brilliant.’

4. The learning is tailored to your child

Parents love the personalised tutoring and learning from Explore at Home.

‘She learnt a lot ... due to the fact that the lessons were carefully tailored to her needs.’

‘Any child can get the most out of it, whether they are struggling at school or doing really well, due to how the content is tailored so effectively to each individual child.’

‘The best thing is that it is very engaging for children and sparks their interest in learning.’

‘Tailored learning for my daughter [was a key feature]. Also being able to leave her and tutor to work together for an hour session and know that my daughter was learning and enjoying it.'

'I found all of the membership beneficial. It was tailored to my daughters needs.'

‘The two tutors my daughter had were absolutely brilliant in teaching her to explore language and her own skill sets.’

A little more from Explore

Explore Learning offers award-winning tuition that’s trusted by parents, recommended by teachers and loved by kids!

Mapped to the school curriculum, their approach supports every child aged 4-14 in achieving their personal learning goals.

Combining cutting-edge digital tools with expert tutor support helps them strike the perfect balance of interactive and individualised learning.

Their tuition is available in learning centres nationwide or online with Explore at Home.

Get weekly tutored sessions plus unlimited access to an individualised learning programme at home, and your pick of curriculum led activities and videos to use at home. They've got everything your child needs to succeed!

With an additional focus on children’s learning attitudes, Explore work to develop confidence and an ability to tackle anything.

A fearless learner is someone who is excited to make friends at a new school, who’s not afraid to try new things and can learn from their mistakes. Helping them to thrive in school and beyond.

Every Explore Learning Membership includes:

  • Weekly tutored sessions tailored to your child either in centre or online; 
  • Personalised feedback after every session and regular Parent’s Meetings;
  • Exclusive use of the online Member's Area with resources, live lessons and advice.

Explore also offer specialist courses that support children with preparation for 11 Plus and Entrance exams, taking their next steps into secondary school and a creative writing course to help get their creative juices flowing and help them put pen to paper.

Book a free trial session

Their free trial session is a great way for you to meet the team, get tailored information about your child’s specific learning needs and see their tuition in action. Best of all there’s no obligation!

Book today!

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