George at Asda School Uniform: ‘I would 100% recommend’

Last modified on Tuesday 8 August 2023

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Kitting your child out for the new school term needn’t cost a fortune thanks to this Netmums Recommended school uniform … and you can pick it up while doing your weekly shop!

How do school uniforms stand up to treatment in the real world? We brought in experts to put some to the test.

We asked our panel of Netmums testers to put George at Asda school uniform through its paces. The range includes trousers, skirts, shoes and PE kit for primary and secondary school children, and comes in a range of school colours. And the parents spoke loudly with their reviews!

Back to school prep for September can be expensive and an easy way to cut costs is by buying your child’s school uniform at Asda. With quality items from just £3, it’s no surprise the whole range has been given the Netmums Recommended seal of approval. But don’t just take our word for it….

Out of 40 tester a whopping 98% said they’d recommend the school uniform to other parents. That means you can shop with the confidence that other mums and dads LOVE it! 

Want to get ahead for September? Shop the range now in store or online.

Here’s what our testers said …

George at Asda school uniform

1. The uniform is a great price

Parents love that a good school uniform doesn’t need to be expensive. George at Asda prices start from £3 and the uniform comes in a range of lengths and sizes.

 ‘I would 100% recommend to those who don’t want to spend a fortune!’

‘The shoes looked much more expensive than their £7 price tag, and had great grip on the bottom which was a bonus.’

‘I am very impressed with the quality. Asda always have a good variety of clothes for the school and good prices. It's a huge help for the parents!’

‘My daughter chose some shoes, socks, tights and skorts. Not only were the prices good, the quality surprised me. Good range and good value.’

‘I love all George Clothing School and non-school, always such great quality. I would 100% recommend to those who don’t want to spend a fortune!’

‘I have always bought uniform from Asda and will keep doing so until my daughter leaves school. I always recommend to friends to shop at George for uniform because of quality and value for money.’

children in school jumpers

2. It’s easy to wash

We've all experienced it. Kids come home covered in a variety of stains: school lunch down their jumpers, grass and mud on their trousers and skirts. All of which means that it's essential to shift all the stains – and be able to to wash their uniform most days. George at Asda school uniform is a doddle to wash, say our testers. And it doesn't affect how the fit or feel.

‘Stains are easily removed’

‘Washing and drying them is so easy.... None of the uniform has been damaged when cleaning it.’

‘It's great quality, washes really well and my daughter found each item super comfy.’

‘Washed so well – looked good and not creased.’

‘I've used this brand before and they do wash really well, so the value for money is brilliant.’

‘I’ve always loved George Uniform. My son’s in year 2 and we’ve always shopped there. It always washes and irons well, I’ve never had to buy additional uniform throughout the year for him. It’s always lasted one whole school year on him –which I love!’

George at Asda school uniform

3. Parents love the range ... and the details

Need EVERYTHING on the school uniform list? You can kit your child out head to toe, including accessories, with this range. And since kids come in all sizes, it also comes in longer lengths, plus fit and slim fit. 

Meanwhile the George Easy On Easy Wear school uniform range has been specially designed to aid independent dressing for those who may need it. The range has been designed to look exactly the same as the full George school uniform range, and includes easy fastening shirts, polos and dresses, shoulder openings on sweats and pull on trousers.

And parents of children with SEN needs will love the seamless socks with comfort welts, soft threads and printed care instructions (so no itchy labels!), knowing their child can feel more comfortable while learning.

'My daughter was extremely happy'

‘I like the fact that you can get some uniform that is suitable for children with different sensory needs. As a mum with autistic children, this is very important.’

‘Up to date, excellent choice and variety. There's so much on offer.'

'‘The shoes are genuinely good sturdy quality and look beautiful. The design is stunning! My daughter was extremely happy.'

‘I would highly recommend this to any parents.’

secondary school girl

4. The uniform is long-lasting (and comfy!)

George uniform is great value AND it lasts!

Our testers were impressed with the quality of the clothes and shoes. Not to mention the fact that kids actually like wearing them.

‘The quality of George school uniform is 100% … couldn't ask for anything better’

‘My daughter thinks each item is comfy and fits well (she's a tall 6 year old, so we have 7-8 and it's perfect). She especially likes the jersey style grey skirt, as she doesn't like the normal pleated grey skirts, so this is a great alternative (she even chose to wear it at the weekend!)’

‘We absolutely love George uniforms! I always order from them, the quality is amazing. I only have one child but I’ve been able to give them to friends/family for their children to use because even after being worn for a year they still look new!’ 

‘Fits well, good price and does last … even passed it to school for spares after.’ 

‘Good quality, hard wearing and daughter found them comfortable.’

‘I always pass them on to a friend once my daughter has outgrown them. They've always been in good condition.’

What does the George School Uniform range include?

You can kit your child out from head to toe, including accessories, all while doing your weekly shop. The George range includes:

Boys school uniform at Asda

  • School bags
  • Coats and blazers
  • Jumpers and sweatshirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Shirts
  • Shoes and trainers
  • Shorts
  • PE kits and sportswear
  • Trousers
  • Underwear and socks
  • College and Sixth Form clothes

Girls school uniform at Asda

  • School bags
  • Coats and blazers
  • Cardigans and jumpers
  • Gingham dresses
  • Pinafores and dresses
  • Polo shirts
  • Shirts and blouses
  • Shoes and trainers
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • PE kits and sportswear
  • Trousers
  • Underwear, socks and tights
  • College and Sixth Form clothes

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