105 indoor activities for kids: things to do on rainy days

Last modified on Thursday 19 October 2023

When it's wet and windy outside, it can be tricky to find indoor activities to entertain the kids. Luckily, we've got more than 100 fabulous rainy day activities to keep them busy ... and stop anyone saying 'I'm bored'

Every parent knows how difficult it can be when you're stuck indoors. Kids are bundles of energy, and with no space to run around and tire themselves out, they can end up bouncing off the walls in no time!

No matter how old your kids are, we have rainy day activities to occupy them; from toddlers and preschoolers all the way to tweens and teens. Many are so fun that even Mum and Dad might want to have a go!

Featuring craft ideas, high-energy games, and family bonding suggestions, have a look at our mega list of housebound activities below.

102. Write a story

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child writing in notebook

Got an avid reader on your hands? your kids to make up their own stories.

Younger children might enjoy making a picture book, while older kids might have some ideas for a brilliant novel.

From board games to arts and crafts, plus active games that'll help your little ones burn off energy, we've got tonnes of rainy day activities to keep your kids occupied on even the gloomiest of days. Many of the activities are great for long car rides, too.

Screen time may help occupy your kids, but experts recommend that kids should also have plenty of screen-free time to help their development. These rainy day activities for kids are the perfect solution!

Lots of the activities are good for helping your kids' development, too. From getting busy in the kitchen, to arts and crafts and reading, your kids will be having so much fun they won't even realise they're learning vital skills as well!

Best of all? Many of the activities are completely free! Others cost mere pennies, and you probably already have everything you need around the house.

Which rainy day activities should we try?

It all depends on what your kids are into.

If your little one is always around your feet in the kitchen, help them get involved by having a rainy day bake off, making some fruit pops, or creating your own pizzas.

If your child loves arts and crafts, set them up with your recycling bin, fabric, glue, paints, and biodegradable glitter (be sure to put plenty of paper down, or an old shower curtain, to protect your floors).

They could try some salt paintings, make a superhero cape (then run around in it to burn off energy), or try to build a cute fairy garden to take outside once the sun reappears. Or stick to something classic like rock painting, vegetable prints or pasta pictures.

To help your kids burn off energy, try an indoor treasure hunt or scavenger hunt that'll have your kids racing round the house to find different objects. Or play ball games indoors using balloons to reduce the risk of breakages.

We've also got plenty of quieter activities; ideal for a lazy Sunday or winding down before bed. Why not create a pillow fort, curl up with a story or learn a new card game as a family.

Older kids might love staging a fashion show, making some friendship bracelets, creating a cute scrapbook, writing real pen-and-paper letters to their friends or inventing their own board game.

What else do I need to know about rainy day activities?

Don't feel you have to organise something for your child to do every minute of the day, though. 'Unstructured play' – where you let your child decide what they want to do, and let them get on with it – is brilliant for building your child's imagination.

In fact, some psychologists think that 'boredom' can actually be a positive state sometimes, as it encourages kids to come up with their own ways of entertaining themselves.

Oh, and just because it's raining, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to stay indoors! Young kids especially often love playing outside whatever the weather; after all, rain means there'll be puddles to jump in!

It's great to take your child out in different types of weather, so they learn to feel comfortable outdoors in any circumstances. Grab some waterproofs and wellies and head out to explore!

But you certainly can't stay outdoors for too long when it's raining, so once everyone's dried off, these games and activities can ensure a fun family evening.

Why not bookmark this page, so you'll always have plenty of ideas for things to do with the kids when you're all stuck inside?

Looking for more fun and constructive ways to wait out a rainy day indoors? Check out our ideas below, or connect with other parents in the forum:

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